Clearing Fear about Physical Illness Using Energy Therapy

fearofillnessAs an EFT Coach & Energy Psychologist, I’d like to share some energy therapy tips to clear fear about your physical illness or  condition, using kinesiology and energy therapy tapping . This simple  protocol will help to quickly get you beyond your fear and the associated emotions that are affecting you and slowing down your healing process.

Often clients ask me for support clearing physical ailments. I find that there is usually some fear associated with the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment or prognosis. In cases like this I generally apply a variety of energy therapy modalities and work directly with a client, keeping in mind the uniqueness of each case.

In this article I’d like to share simple-to-use steps for self application, so here is an easy  AK/ Applied Kinesiology & EFT/ Emotional Freedom Technique protocol that can be followed for clearing fear around your physical condition. Feel free to use this as a guide as you customize it for your own case.

First think about your physical condition and address your fear. Do you feel a tightness or any other sensation in your body as you think about all aspects of your disorder?

Fear about your symptoms: Whenever symptoms show up, it is easiest to clear these as well as any fear associated with them, so they are gone.

1- Start by touching with one hand the area where you feel the physical sensation of your illness,, and place the other hand across your forehead. Breathe into the physical sensation as you might in a yoga session. Feel the pain or discomfort and breathe it out on each exhale. Note any shifts in the physical sensation, movement of the pain to another location, thoughts or emotions that might flood into your mind as you are holding this circuit.

2- Now focus just on any fear that you feel about your condition. Do you feel that in your body?
Society teaches that you are a victim of your body, and that you must turn outside of yourself to find help. This sense of powerlessness often brings up fear, so this is a good time to clear that by creating a circuit placing one hand where you feel the sensation (often in the stomach or mid-section / solar plexus area of the body), and placing the other hand across the forhead. Focus on the fear and breathe it out.

3- You may add some EFT tapping to the Kinesiology protocol above where you focus on clearing the fear about your condition and all aspects of it. Tap on the “Karate Chop” point on the side of your hand between the base of the pinky finger and beginning of your wrist as you repeat:

“Even though I feel like a victim of my body and I am afraid, I deeply & completely appreciate myself and my body’s approach to healing itself.”

  •  “Even though I feel like a victim of my doctors and their protocols, and I feel afraid, I deeply and completely appreciate myself and my body’s ability to heal.”
  • “Even though I feel this fear & sense of victimhood, I deeply & completely accept myself and choose to let these hopeless feelings go now.”
  • “Even though this fear is still in me, I deeply & completely accept myself, and I choose to clear the fear now.”
  • “Even though I feel powerless, I deeply & completely accept myself.”
  • “Even though this illness makes me feel afraid and powerless, I deeply & completely accept myself and my own power.”

You do not need to suffer or to live with fear that keeps you sick! I hope that the simple protocol listed above will help to quickly get you beyond the stress, fear, and the associated emotions.

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