Health Research and Presentations by Dr. Anne Merkel of The Ariela Group

For the last 30+ years I have done post-doctoral research and made numerous presentations to a variety of audiences. I have pursued studies in alternative healing modalities including Energy Therapy tools of all kinds, Energy Essences, Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, and Naturopathy, and as I learn, I share with my clients. With a specialty in supporting clients presenting with chronic health disorders or recurring emotional traumas, my emphasis has been on Autoimmune Disorders including CFS/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, MCS/ Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, among others, with a focus more recently on natural approaches to IBS/ Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Cancer.


To date most of my research, presentations, and publications have been about Treating Autoimmune Disorders Using Energy Psychology and Naturopathy. Here is a sampling of what I have shared with audiences and readers:

  • PowerPoint slide show from my presentation at the 2020 ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology) Annual Conference, May 17, 2020,
  • Depression & Anxiety 2020 Working Bibliography – May 12, 2020,
  • Conference Presentation from 2020 ACEP Annual Meeting (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology) – Virtual Conference – May 17, 2020 (Coming soon),
  • Depression & Anxiety: Beyond Talk Therapy – Multiple Causes & Functional Medicine Treatments, my fifth book on Amazon, will be published in mid-2020. In it I will go into more detail concerning the topics that are mentioned above in my ACEP presentation. This book has been created specifically for Energy Therapy Practitioners and those who wish to expand their practices (within their licensed scopes) by looking for more potential causes for depression and anxiety so that they can create a working team of practitioners to support the whole-person healing of their clients/patients based on the root causes of their dis-ease.
  • Articles about Treating Depression & Anxiety with Whole Person Medicine – (Coming soon),
  • Radio presentations about Causes & Functional Medicine Treatments for Depression and Anxiety – (Coming soon),
  • Articles about Treating Anxiety, etc. from COVID-19 – (Coming soon),
  • Conference Presentation from 2015 ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology) Reston, Virginia – May 31, 2015,
  • PowerPoint slide show from my presentation at the 2015 ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology) Annual Conference,
  • PowerPoint slide show from my presentation at the 2015 ANMA Full Presentation 8-25-15 (American Naturopathic Medical Association) Annual Conference,
  •  AI Research 2015 Working Bibliography 8-25-15,
  • Autoimmune Cases – Naturally!: Treating Autoimmune Disorders Using Energy Psychology and Naturopathy is my 4th book on Amazon. The book chronicles how I use Energy Psychology and Natural Health Protocols in coaching sessions with clients presenting with a variety of  autoimmune conditions and their underlying emotional issues. It flows naturally with the ACEP and ANMA PowerPoint presentations and will be evidence and application of what I shared at both conferences.   This 240 page book offers hope and support for the almost 80 million Americans and so many people elsewhere who suffer from Autoimmune Conditions – diagnosed or not.    Click here to purchase softcover or kindle versions.
  • Articles about Treating Autoimmune disorders using EFT & Energy Therapy tools,
  • More Articles about Treating Autoimmune with Energy Psychology,
  • Radio presentations about Autoimmune.