Anne Merkel – Healing Facilitator & Compassionate Supporter

I am Dr. Anne Merkel, and healing and compassionate support have been part of who I am and have been for my entire life.

I totally believe the famous J.D. Palmer quote: “The Power that Made the Body Can Heal the Body“!

As a little girl I remember holding my chicken in my arms after his leg had been broken. I sat for hours with my pet, holding his splinted leg and cradling him in my arms as I sent him love. A year later when my neighbors had him for dinner there was no sign of a break in his leg. This is just one example of how healing happens. 1- A healthy young chicken, 2- A mom who knows how to put popcicle stick splints on a small broken leg, 3- A little girl who gives her all in a loving and compassionate way to energize that chick to heal… and it did!

I’ve always been a “tom boy” kind of girl, and loved the outdoors. When I fell off of my horse and hurt my hip pretty badly as a teenager I didn’t believe the words of the doctor who predicted that AtilaI’d never be athletic again, that I’d have to wear a back brace my entire life, and that I’d live in pain. That just didn’t seem congruent to me, living in this magnificent ever-healing and changing body of mine! It took over a year to be able to run and jump without pain, and years later in college I suffered lots of back pain. One day after playing tennis with a friend I bent down after a shower and didn’t stand back up for four days… until he put me in the back of his car and drove me to see his chiropractor. I’d never been introduced to a holistic or “alternative” practitioner, and I was open to anything that would help me. This DC also held an MD, but felt that he was helping more people as a chiropractor, so this is what he practiced. After one chiropractic adjustment I straightened up and was pain-free thereafter. I was beginning to see the light… and holistic tools were definitely part of my future!  I kept my back brace corset for down-hill snow skiing only, and have been a fan of chiropractic – especially the use of Applied Kinesiology and Clinical Kinesiology techniques,- ever since!

Fast forward to a young professional woman diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Yes, I was over-working, not sleeping enough, eating a bad high-carb diet, not exercising enough, and I felt like I was carrying the weight of the world on my back as I supported my family. (Sound familiar to you?) After a full year of suffering the typical symptoms:  extreme fatigue, mental fog & confusion, terrible body pain, no memory, digestive problems, and finally my hair starting to fall out, I decided to take action. The CFS Center in my city told its patients that they BR Opening 5-16would have to live with CFS and the terrible fatigue, and probably need to take certain meds for the rest of their lives. I was either going to die or get well… but I knew I was not putting up with that “Life Sentence of Suffering”!  So, I turned to alternative practitioners and their tools:  I was diagnosed with systemic Candida Albicans overgrowth (the “American Parasite”) due to my “typical American diet”, and I went on a special anti-candida diet, took homeopathic remedies to kill the fungus, took herbs to quickly clear the dead cells from my digestive system, and received weekly gentle applied kinesiology care and massages to keep my energy flowing through my energy channels and to work out the poisons from my visceral tissues. I also looked deeply inside at my emotional beliefs, expectations, and perception of my life, and realized that I needed to change my attitudes and clear some old emotional blocks, which I did.  It was not an easy protocol, but the pain started to subside and I began to be able to sleep again and feel better, so I stuck with the very strict diet and remedies. After exactly two months I was a new person. My energy was back, the pain was gone, my mind was sharp again, my hair stopped falling out, I felt less stress, and I automatically had dropped twenty pounds… without trying! I felt better than I had in years, and swore that I would continue to support my health and well-being and that I would serve as a spokesperson to others who had been given a horrible “Life Sentence” by traditional health practitioners. I still believe and endorse that anybody with Autoimmune Disorders, taking the right kinds of whole-self interventions, need only live a “Life Sentence of Awareness and Self-Care” in order to be happy, healthy, and pain-free! That works for me!… and my clients!

So, now you know a bit more about my journey of personal healing… which, of course, continues today. When I cheat on my diet, I pay for it. When emotional issues come up and people people “push my buttons” I clear them. I realize that I am human… and… I realize that we all have some powerful tools and support people available to us, if we just use them when we need to!

I wish you success on your own healing journey, and if I can be of help, feel free to contact me!

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