Create a Happy Holiday Season with EFT & Energy Therapy!



The Holidays and the darkness of Winter trigger your subconscious gremlins to pop out at family gatherings, office parties, church services, shopping trips, and other seasonal events. You can manage or clear these old emotional issues and memories so they don’t destroy your good times this year.

Program yourself now for more balanced reactions by focusing on the following Holiday themes as you tap on your sternum between your breasts and breathe out emotional charge or hurtful memories as they rise up. Get centered and consider each phrase individually as you focus on your feelings, tapping and exhaling away the negatives, and considering and tapping in the positives:

  • What is my worst Holiday expectation?  … then, my best?
  • What is my worst Holiday memory?  … then, my best?
  • Why do I really give gifts?  … send cards?  … host parties?  … attend gatherings?
  • How do I most stress out my body?  … my mind?  … my emotions?  … my spirit?
  • What is least fun for me during the Holidays?  … most fun?

When you consider your past baggage and true motivators around every aspect of your Holiday and clear away the emotional charge, you’ll have freedom to plan for the most fulfilling season of your life this year!

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