EFT, When do I Tap In the Positive?

betterAs a practitioner of EFT & other meridian tapping modalities, I am often asked, “When is it appropriate to use our meridian therapies to tap in and upload positive vibrations and positive input?”

I would say first of all, if you’re working with yourself, from a bad place or a heavy energy place, it’s hard to even imagine going into a good place. It’s difficult to get up the energy to do a tapping session when you are feeling heavy emotion, and then to go, “All right, let’s tap in the good stuff” is almost counter-intuitive. If things aren’t going well, it’s hard to amp up energy in a positive way until you’ve tapped away the stuff that’s holding you down.

It’s the same when you’re working with somebody else. If you go in and you’re on top of the world and they’re suffering and in a gloomy place, the tone of your emotion and the tone of their emotional set won’t match at all, and in fact, you will turn them off and maybe push buttons if you try to pull them up too quickly. Sometimes you just have to understand and put off helping another person until they’re in a better place.

When they are ready you can start by helping them clear the negative, and then gradually, when you feel like they are feeling good enough to start accepting some positive vibrational input, then you can introduce positive statements and feelings little by little. The energy of gratitude is always a vibrational lifter, however a person who is quite downtrodden with heavy emotional tone may not even be able to focus on that. It is imperative that you help the person raise their emotional tone by clearing the negative heavy issues first – if somebody’s life is falling apart, it may take awhile to get close to being able to introduce any higher frequency tapping. Use your intuition and feel the pulse of the situation. Take it slowly and allow the person to feel better before attempting to look at the bright side or else you might lose them.

It is important for you to feel where you are in every moment when you are having issues. And, in the same vein, it is necessary for you to honor the other person’s emotional tone if you are helping them.

In EFT and other meridian tapping modalities it is all about feeling the emotions and their vibrations. When you work on yourself or another person there should be no logical “trying to decide when to introduce the positive”. Allow yourself to feel the tone shift and allow it to guide you as to when it feels natural to bring in gratitude, positive set-up statements, or positive affirmations. When you think too much you get either muddy or no results.

And, I like to share with clients that it is beneficial to tap in positive feelings and moods whenever you feel them… whether you have been working to clear a negative, heavy feeling or not. Your positive input helps to raise your vibration in the moment as well as in the future, so tap it in whenever you feel good!

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