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sunsetBRTrue “Wellness” reflects peace and balance of mind, body, spirit. People have “retreated” to beautiful natural areas since the beginning of time. We have done this to find solace and peace-of-mind for healing and re-balancing.

If there is any area of your life that is now in a state of stress or dis-ease, a Wellness Retreat in these beautiful southern Blue Ridge mountains can change your life!  Come “run away to the mountains” with us!

Why should you come “Retreat” with us?

You need not be “sick” to benefit from a Retreat to re-claim your own personal Wellness.  This is your opportunity to let go of the stress of work or care-giving, step away from life as usual for a few days of peacefulness, focus on yourself rather than others, envision or create something new to implement in your life, clear the blocks that have been holding you back, or experience a health ‘re-set’.

If you crave some body-mind-spirit nurturing on a deep level, then keep on reading.

What others have said:

  • Our time together helped me to better understand my new marriage and to balance my personal and professional lives. Thank you for your sensitivity and understanding.”  TB/Actor
  • “This past week has certainly been a test.  I believe I would have had a much harder time with it were it not for all the help you have been to me.  Thank you so much.”  RL/Stock Broker
  • My purpose for coming was to be open and brave and believe in miracles. It is a miracle I am here…for I created this possibility out of my pain. I am very proud of myself, trusting a deep intuition; It was all set in motion when I met you at the conference.  See you tomorrow.  Love,”  MA/Actress
  • “During our time working together you taught me how to manage and clear my everyday stress. For this I will be forever grateful!”  KJ/Business Owner
  • Because of my intensive work with you in Mineral Bluff I now have the confidence to re-model my office and re-engineer my practice to serve more patients. Thank you for helping to ‘clear me of blocks’.”  SW/Physician
  • I knew you were the one and boy, was I right! My intuition found you and your warm personality brought me to GA to work with you. Now I am living the results of our days together!”  LP/Therapist

What should you expect?

The time we will spend together is all about YOU! This is not a traditional “spa day”; it is an “inner spa” or inner nurturing like you (and your team or family members) may have never experienced before… and according to thousands of others, you will enjoy the benefits!

We will co-create our time together based on your desires and overall needs, and a typical day may include:

  • A morning session:
    • Facilitated de-stressing support for acute symptoms
    • Review of History Intake Assessment information (first day)
    • Natural Health discussion and counseling
    • Laser acupuncture or auriculotherapy treatment
  • A 90-minute break for lunch, nap, walk in the mountains, hot-tub soak, relaxation on your
  • An afternoon session:
    • Introduction to meridian techniques to surface and clear root-cause traumas (first day)
    • Prioritizing symptoms and issues
    • Clearing the outer layers of stress
    • Going deeper and adding more self-help tools

Who is your Retreat Facilitator?

Your retreat facilitator is both a seasoned Energy Therapist and a Doctor of Natural Medicine who has worked first-hand with acquistare viagra generico 25 mg a Genova clients world-wide in a variety of industries. Dr. Anne Merkel is able to intuitively and compassionately sense dis-ease in the body, mind, or spirit, and gently address it. She expertly guides you to identify deep-seated emotions or stresses that might be keeping you in a state of imbalance and then supports you to neutralize them. The deep healing that you encounter on all levels will leave you feeling relaxed, empty, lighter, and ready to go for the next layer.  You may learn more viagra generico prezzo a Verona about Dr. Anne and her main areas of expertise.

Where are we?

You will love the mountains in this southern Appalachian region. You may fly into and drive, or shuttle the two hours from airports in Atlanta, GA –  Chattanooga or Knoxville, TN – or Asheville, NC. We have mountains, at least six major man-made regional lakes fed by natural rivers, and several notable tourist towns – especially Blue Ridge, GA, that make this not only a retreat destination, but also a wonderful family, team, or individual vacation destination. You may find us in north Georgia just south of where Tennessee and North Carolina meet.

When can you come?

You may contact me to discuss dates that fit into both of our schedules by booking a watch scheduling consult here. . .

What do you get from Dr. Merkel during the retreat?

After registration, each participant completes a History Intake Assessment prior to arriving and then may enjoy any or all of the following:

  • analysis of your health assessment,
  • personalized health coaching,
  • acupuncture treatments (no needles),
  • emotional stress-release support and training,
  • natural health & nutritional counseling,
  • specialized autoimmune support when needed,
  • life or success support sessions,
  • relaxing art session when time allows (supplies provided),
  • e-mail support before and after the retreat,
  • plus more… customized for you!

Best of Blue Ridge – Ariela Group of Wholistic Services Segment from SCB TV 182 on Vimeo.

Other Retreat Details to Consider:

A separate Concierge Planning Package is available to help in your over-all planning process for travel, lodging, meals, activities, and more.

  • You will be “retreating” twice daily to our Mt. View Retreat Center for sessions, so you will need transportation between wherever you will be staying and our office in Mineral Bluff, GA.
  • We can provide source link lodging suggestions for you if need be.  Many vacation cabins include a hot tub with wonderful surroundings, and for even more nurturing in an “in town” setting, our local Bed and Breakfast offers a special deal for those who sign up with me for a Retreat.
  • Because this is a resort destination area there are many fun activities for you and your traveling companions. Our Concier lloyds pharmacy uk proscar generic ge Planning Package can help you with options and bookings.

Wellness Retreat fees will be paid directly to “The Ariela Group of Wholistic Services” prior to scheduling via an on-line link (to be provided) or mailed check. All other charges for travel, lodging, meals, activities, Concierge, etc. should be paid directly to providers.

Who may attend?

Retreats can be made for individuals, couples, families, and small groups or teams. The basic per person fees are determined by number of days and number of participants in a party.

This program supports your deep healing on all levels as you rejuvenate in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain setting around Mineral Bluff, GA, getting away from the stresses of  life at home. Schedule a consult here for more information and to register.

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