Energy Psychology and Natural Health Instructional Videos for You

enter Because our society is more focused now on visual/ auditory stimulation via movies and videos, I continue to add Instructional Videos here for your health, information, training, and over-all well-being. I feel that the more I learn, the more I can share with my on-line community, and then we all win!

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Introduction to N-hanced EFT with Meridians and Their Emotions – Instructional Video

go site When I work with clients I use an advanced and unique form of meridian tapping which is based on my studies of acupuncture, Neuro Emotional Technique/ NET, Emotional Freedom Techniques/EFT, and kinesiology.  Here is a short video  where you may tap to clear specific emotions as you perform a regular EFT tapping sequence to relieve your issues and pain. Enjoy!

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Understanding the Body Priorities and Why EFT May Not Always Show Immediate Results – Instructional Video

Acquistare Cialis In Italia Often the training videos and in-person seminars showing facilitators guiding their patients or clients to immediate results cause us all to believe that one round of traditional EFT Tapping is all that is necessary to completely clear an issue. Sometimes this is true, however there are many people who reach a level of frustration because they are seeking immediate gratification and 100% clearing and often they don’t get either. This video goes into some of the specifics about how the body is really in charge and sets the priorities for healing.

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