Alchemist Anne is EFT Tapping in Georgia

AIMmandalaOver the last 30 years my Energy Therapy Practice has taken me all over the world to finally land me EFT tapping in north Georgia in my practice here.  I am close enough to Atlanta, GA; Chattanooga, TN; Knoxville, TN; and Asheville, NC to attract clients from all of those locations, as I work mostly by phone guiding private clients from the US, Canada, and many other countries world-wide. The road to EFT tapping in Georgia has been an interesting one.

  • Early on in Kentucky I first used hands-on healing… long before EFT tapping was invented… on my pets.
  • In Indiana music was my therapy of choice and I considered formally studying either music therapy or psychology. I’m happy today that I dabbled in both and continued to study additional disciplines. My doctoral studies were in cognitive learning, psycho- and socio-linguistics, cross-cultural communication, and studies of how one learns via the left brain logical mind.
  • In Arizona I met the energy of the desert and there practiced yoga and energetic breathing for the first time as I worked in bi-lingual education.
  • In Ohio I used energy, body language, intuition as I worked with non-English-speaking adults, supporting them to become acculturated into our western US society… without being able to speak to them. That drew me beyond ego, culture barriers, private space bubbles, and into a world where it became a human-to-human dance of co-creation.
  • In Colorado I met the energy of the Rockies and left my body repeatedly as I sailed around moguls and down mountains at speeds seemingly impossible to humans standing on their own two legs and feet… and skis. 😆
  • California is where I dove full force into energy work, taking to it immediately and recognizing how good it felt to delve again in the world of vibrations. Here I was introduced to Applied Kinesiology and felt the shifts with temporal tapping. I was hooked!
  • North Carolina became home and there I was certified in Healing Touch, Reiki III, and a variety of other techniques. I had quite an appetite for learning as much about energy therapy as possible.
  • Montana is where I became proficient at using NET/ Neuro Emotional Technique, and knew I wanted to build my practice around that.
  • In South Carolina I finally met EFT Tapping, and used it in a self-induced personal development sabbatical of several years. I came out as a “clear channel” so I could resume my work with others.
  • New Mexico’s energetic charm and the lure of dear spiritual friends kept me coming back, and I finally was able to offer a seminar using my current tools there at a retreat center with people I’d known for thirty plus years in the audience. That truly touched my heart… in an energetic way!
  • Finally love drew me to Georgia and I feel the roots growing here in the mountains. I introduced EFT Tapping into Georgia in my small town and at latest count there are numerous EFT Tapping practitioners in Georgia, all working to bring up the consciousness of this population, helping people to feel better and move forward toward their dreams.

So, the next time you hear me on a call, read one of my articles, or work with me personally, know that as I do my EFT Tapping I am looking out of my window in my Georgia cabin toward the biggest untamed wilderness East of the Mississippi River, and the wild energy there is helping to guide me so that I can guide you!

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