Maintaining Body Structure for Your Health

bodystructureEDIf your body tissue is torqued or twisted, or your skeletal structure is misaligned, then your imbalance will probably cause pain at the very least, but more importantly, it may impede your physical functions. There are times when energy is blocked, muscles are “turned off”, energy meridians are running too strong or too weak, tendons or ligaments are stretched or strained, and the body cannot function in a healthy fashion. There are experts who can help you to evaluate and correct your body structure so that you can then maintain it for better health.

In my own experience, after falling off of my horse at age 17, I was told by a surgeon that I would have to wear a back brace for my entire life and never participate in athletics again. I lived for a few years in pain and worry with this prognosis, until I was introduced to my first chiropractic adjustment. Finding a practitioner whose practice was based solely on supporting health through structural balance solved my problems and helped me to create the active life that I desired.

Some people insist that they would rather take drugs or have surgery than allow a professional structural practitioner to “adjust” or manipulate their body structure. They have heard horror stories mainly via the AMA/ American Medical Association, which until the 1980’s spread negative propaganda around about Chiropractors. Times have changed and now the public realizes the benefits of gentle manipulation, the use of pressure “touching points”, and meridians via acupressure. A structural visit to a specialist need not include manual “adjustments”, but can be very gentle, safe, and stress-free.

Structural balance is so important that the body is constantly working to re-balance its own body structure. Did you know that if your neck is out of alignment it can throw your hips out of balance and lead to pain? Or, if you’re limping because you have a sore knee, that this will potentially throw your neck out of balance possibly leading to headaches? Your physical structure is so important to the various body survival systems that your neck and your shoulders will naturally re-balance according to your hip alignment – and vice-versa. This is all important not only for your survival systems, but also for balance so that you can walk. Just stay in balance, or go see somebody who can put you back into balance. You don’t have to live in pain and you don’t have to be on pain pills and waiting for weeks to have your body re-balance itself.

I highly endorse Chiropractors or other physicians who have studied Applied Kinesiology or Clinical Kinesiology, both advanced techniques which allow the body to provide the practitioner the information about what it needs and how to fix it. These practitioners know how to turn muscles back on, balance meridians, check for allergens or nutritional deficits, and identify toxins. Structural balance is so important in its physical and energetic support of all the other systems in the body. I also respect functional Osteopaths with diplomates in Manipulation.

Pay attention to your body structure and use the appropriate practitioners in your structural maintenance!

Here is a strong message about this from an Osteopathic physician:

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