Acupuncture in my Natural Energy Medicine Practice!

Since I combined Naturopathy or Natural Health with Energy Therapy and Energy Medicine in my practice, I’ve been offering digital meridian assessments and laser acupuncture treatments with the local clients who sign up for a series of visits. I love this modality and how it supports the other energy therapies that I use with clients who report with all kinds of body – mind – spirit needs.

I’ve received traditional acupuncture treatments in the past and was amazed at how they helped both physical pain and emotional turmoil. (I guess I didn’t realize those many years ago the intricate connection between the two!) The needles didn’t bother me, but they are not popular with everyone. And, a traditional acupuncturist must leave the needles in for twenty to thirty minutes or more to get results, while newer laser light therapy requires fifteen to thirty seconds of direct focus on a meridian acupuncture point which then carries the energy of the laser light through the length of the meridian or energy channel. ( Larsen, Adrian / Meridia )

In the short time that I’ve offered acupuncture in my practice I’ve already had a number of indications of dramatic energy movements in clients, and when I use the digital assessment at the beginning of a session I can jump right in without a written history to address the energy channels and their related energy blocks that are needing the most attention to clear emotions and physical symptoms. What a wonderful guide to pinpoint what the body really wants first so that it will stay “fixed”!

Here is a short video that can explain more about what acupuncture actually is, and how I present it to my clients that visit me here in Mineral Bluff, GA.

What is Acupuncture? from Cameron Larsen on Vimeo.

Check in again to learn more about the Auriculotherapy sessions that I am also offering (ear acupuncture) where I address the hundreds of points on each ear with an electro-stimulation device that automatically detects which meridian points need support and then automatically raises or lowers the chi energy in each according to its needs. I chart the points that I stimulate and they are always exactly what the client needs most… and the ears and their energies tell me where to focus. It is and amazing and very successful treatment modality for my practice!

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