Quickly Handling the Emotions of Traumatic Stress

Recently I met with a client who was facing a number of traumatic issues in life all at once and the stress had brought her to her knees. She had talked with therapists and friends to no avail. She could no longer function in her life or safely drive, she suffered from panic attacks, and she constantly broke into uncontrollable tears. She may have had other symptoms too, but I did not ask for more detail. She was new to meridian tapping techniques and EFT.

In our first consultation she was crying uncontrollably and I wanted to get the most from our hour-long session, so I cut right to the symptoms. I realized that the priority issue for this first call was her feeling of loss. In this case I did not ask for details at first. She acknowledged that loss was a major factor in her distress and we went with that. I surmised some details on my own about her present issues, and as we progressed asked her for related issues from earlier in her life about which she could better talk without emotion.

At the beginning of this first session I taught her two major tapping points (see #1 & 2 below), and soothed her through coaching as we tapped on these two points. When her crying subsided I led her through a standard short form of EFT focused on specific losses she had experienced at several times in her life. At the end of this first session she was able to laugh again. I urged her to utilize the two-point tapping procedure whenever she felt emotional until our next session. She reported later that just in using those points she managed to get through the next month with only a couple of emotional break-downs.

Often in a case like this when deep sadness, trauma, or anger are in the forefront of our emotions and start to bleed through uncontrollably it may be because our left brain is in a frenzy. That “chatty” analytical side of our brain can cause trouble if we listen to it, and can tangle details, confuse an issue, send negative messages to our subconscious, put blame on ourselves or others, and generally cause us to react emotionally as we get stressed. By tapping certain meridian points the negative mind frenzy and emotional waves can be put in check.

1.       The “third eye” point between our two eyebrow points is a potent tapping location, I instruct anyone overwrought with emotion to tap this point first, as it will usually quiet the left brain by breaking up its thought patterns. In many cases I’ll have a client alternate between this point and the next point until they can better control their emotions.

2.       The karate chop point on the side of the hand (between the base of the little finger and beginning of the wrist) relates to the small intestine meridian. This particular meridian often relates to issues involving feeling lost, vulnerable, abandoned, insecure, feeling deep unrequited love, among other symptoms. It is also a wonderful point through which to access the right mind subconscious and electro-magnetic field. Whether one taps here until emotional pain subsides, taps with specific intentions, or utilizes specific set-up statements while tapping this point, it is still a good diffuser of emotions.

So, the next time you feel emotion that seems out of your control, you may wish to try tapping on your third eye area or the side of your hand until you feel relieved.

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  • Lisa Dennys
    September 29, 2009

    That is really helpful info about diffusing acute stress with EFT…great, simple suggestion and example…thanks!

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