I love Energy Psychology Tools!

I love energy psychology and the powerful tools that support the work of 

  • understanding energy,
  • how it works within to keep the body health,
  • how when it gets stuck the many ways it causes individuals to suffer, and
  • how to untangle energy and clear blockages caused by emotional trauma to the energy system in order to restore peace of mind and physical vitality to the individual.

The energy psychology tools that I use, NET, AK, EFT, are so potent and, when following the body’s priority, the easy protocol of each clears the issues in a way so that success around any goal may be reached.

In going about clearing blocks and attaining goals using energy therapy modalities there is balance, it is easier than using sheer will and getting frustrated over and over when failures occur, and once resistance is cleared it is gone for good and similar future goals will be easy to attain. The beauty of using energy tools and meridian tapping techniques including EFT is that:

  1. They cause no harm and have no negative side effects,
  2. Every session is beneficial in some way,
  3. They are easy to learn and to use,
  4. They clear the emotional charge around painful issues without inflicting pain,
  5. They not only serve to clear blockages and emotional charge held in the subconscious, meridians, electromagnetic field, limbic brain, organs, cells, and elsewhere, but can also serve to input new and improved data and emotions into the mind computer to fill the vacuum created,
  6. And, they are simple, subtle, and profound.

Why wouldn’t anybody seek out such tools and use them?

For more information about EFT you may view videos, read articles, and download Gary Craig’s basic EFT training  manual at http://www.emofree.com .

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