Encountering Subconscious Priorities in Energy Psychology

Often when I work with a client who is at a point where he or she is suffering greatly, I realize that there is an intricate subconscious priority agenda that I must respect.

A client may present to me suffering deep loss and grieving openly for a loved one, lost lifestyle, broken relationship, and I can easily help to clear the surface symptoms and suffering. The person will be able to function again – most of the time – without deep suffering and pain. Often, at this point, especially with very sensitive people, a new pattern might emerge where the client yo-yo’s between feeling great and feeling horrible. Even though these mood swings might be brief, they point out to me that there is a subconscious agenda or energetic cycle that is still present in the person, which is getting closer to the surface to be cleared. We can deal with the daily or weekly symptoms that trigger the downswings in mood, and one day there comes a point where the obvious but previously hidden causes to all of the suffering show up. The pre-birth, infant, or early life issues show up and blatantly point out exactly why the person created the energetics to suffer the more recent loss. A facilitator never really knows when that subconscious curtain will be lifted, but when it is, then miracles may really start to happen using the energy therapy tools!

Another client may present to me with serious physical conditions and a physician-endorsed “life sentence” of suffering. Since this may involve chronic physical issues, the going might be slower at first. Why is this client so ill? What underlying issues in the past created a pattern to attract this? And, why is health still not number one on this person’s priority list – consciously and subconsciously? It might take several sessions of intense N- EFT energy sessions to peel off the top layers in this case, however there will be a day when the shell around the subconscious cracks open to display the underlying causes of all of the physical manifestations. Once these are discovered, they are relatively easy to clear. And, when the energetics beneath a chronic condition are set free, then the physical manifestations start to disappear too.

I truly believe that all of the meridian-based energy work that we do is beneficial, even if it does not seem so. There are often consciously invisible layers that must be cleared before the intended issues are reached, so it may appear that one’s efforts seem at first to be wasted. This is not true since the early sessions probably cleared the top layers that required attention – which were unknown and adhered to the subconscious priority agenda rather than the conscious priority agenda.

Next time you use EFT meridian tapping or any other energy psychology modality that accesses the energy system around the body, remember that your mind, body, spirit system work together and that the best priority system for clearing emotional and energetic blockages might not be the one that you set as a conscious intention. I guess this is why they say “Patience is a virtue!” and “Perseverance pays dividends!”

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