Emotional Freedom to Write MY Way??

I’ve been plagued with writer’s block, or at least writer’s confusion for several days. There is a struggle going on inside of me, and I am watching to see which side wins.

Recently we have all seen many promotion letters in our e-mail boxes. There are new programs, products, services being launched for the new year. EVERYBODY is sending out multiple e-mails to sell their programs, build their lists, gain attention, hook a few more enrollees. I am launching three new programs – and I HATE typical sales letters!!

I have been working with a group of coaches to update my marketing strategies. I am learning all about various techniques. Some of them are fantastic and make SO MUCH SENSE. I tend to really like the more natural approaches that seem organic rather than forced or manipulative. I want to be congruent with who I am and still provide all of the information about my programs to my potential applicants. I’ve written and re-written several letters already. None of them seem like the right approach – probably because they are following somebody else’s template. Aarggghhhh!!  I’ve got to be FREE… and still, I REALLY want people to notice my two new tele-programs for conscious personal transformation and return from the dark night of the soul, and sign up for the wonderful benefits they will get if they participate.

Part of me really wants to try the new template style. Another part says that since 1985, when I started my own business, I have always attracted the best clients to myself – using MY style. Hmmm. Well, I COULD use BOTH styles, and that might attract ALL kinds of wonderful people.  And, I WILL apply one round of Emotional Freedom Technique to take away the emotional charge so that whatever I do is EASY for me!!   ;-))

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