EFT Coaching Case – Issues about Tardiness

Awhile back I had a client who needed some energy therapy around her issues of often being late. What seemed like a simple case of habit soon showed itself to be much deeper, and this brought up many related issues.

Using EFT and other coaching and questioning tools guided this client to first identify that she felt anger whenever she was asked to commit to a time set by another or involving somebody else. She admitted to falling into the “passive agressive” definition, where she would commit, but then set about subconsciously to sabotage the appointment. Of course she realized that this only reflected badly upon herself, but this was being orchestrated by her subconscious, so all she could do sometimes was to observe this pattern happening over and over.

There were many childhood issues that then came up to remind her of why this lateness pattern with anger was so much a part of her life. We decided to apply EFT to the anger first. Then we worked with her self-loathing that related to her habitual tardiness. Next we focused on other areas where she also projected negative emotions toward herself and cleared the negativity, replacing that with positive affirmations focusing on her strengths and positive characteristics. We covered many “aspects” of this time issue during one coaching session.

As the coaching session concluded this client’s mood had shifted considerably from the depressed and angry person who entered my coaching space, to a light-hearted person making humorous remarks about how little her issue really was, and how she knew she could overcome this because she had overcome so many more difficult issues in her life, and now she had EFT as her ally. It was fun for me to feel the dramatic shift in her emotional tone and to see her totally shift her perspective about this issue and how she could change it.

We both agreed that there might be some more aspects of this issue, since it was so deep-seated, and in the session for that day we felt that we had shifted a considerable amount of energy using EFT. I am constantly reminded of how lucky, as a coach, I am to have wonderful tools such as emotional freedom technique!

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