N-hanced EFT & Energy Therapy Personal Case Example

People ask me regularly if I use EFT in my own life. Of course, the answer is YES! And, if you know me, you realize that I mix EFT tapping with other energy therapy modalities. Here is an example of a recent N-hanced EFT & energy therapy tapping case.

For awhile I have occasionally noticed pain in my foot. Specifically it has felt like I broke or at least stressed a metatarsal bone, however the pain doesn’t show up all of the time, so I suggest that it is either chemical or emotional.

When I checked my acupuncture chart I realized that the gall bladder meridian ends right along that metatarsal bone and there are two major acupuncture points exactly where I have felt the pain.

Knowing that the gall bladder is associated with resentment and anger, I first scanned my life and what was going on. I tapped on the end-of-eye point associated with the GB, although just general issues came up.

As is often the case with EFT or N-hanced EFT tapping, the engagement with the subconscious through meridian tapping often unblocks us to attract more information to solve our issue. In my awareness of the gall bladder involvement I have done the following:

  1. Tapped the end-of-eye point whenever I feel the pain,
  2. Analyzed what I have eaten over a several-hour or one day period when feeling the pain,
  3. Analyzed any resentment or anger that I have been feeling (90% of the time these are the emotions associated with the GB),
  4. Looked beyond anger & resentment at the other emotions that might show up 10% of the time,
  5. At one point I looked at a Touch for Health chart for more information on treating the GB and saw an indicator for Vitamin A, which synchronistically, I had just purchased for another issue,
  6. I have become aware of when anger & resentment show up and I am self-administering the NET Wood homeopathic remedy to support clearing the GB issue,
  7. I remember to forgive myself for my anger & resentment whenever it shows up.

This is just an example of how I feel my tapping and awareness of meridian-based modalities helps me in my own life. I highly recommend it!  🙂  … and, the pain has almost totally disappeared!

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