Chronic Fatigue in Autoimmune and in Life

chronic fatigueChronic fatigue or constant feelings of tiredness are common complaints from people who have been diagnosed with autoimmune disorders… and also from many in our society at large. We have been presented a “typical” diet of energy boosting sugars, caffeinated foods, salty morsels, energy-spiking starches, as well as schedules that allow fewer hours of sleep than the human body really desires. It is no wonder that fatigue is such a common issue.

How often does conversation turn to how tired you are… if it doesn’t dissolve completely in the mind fog involved with fatigue?

For more on this timely subject you may listen to a recording made recently for my Autoimmune Coaching and Energy Therapy Support Group. It covers many causes of chronic fatigue – officially diagnosed as an autoimmune disorder, and non-diagnosed – and how to address these naturally.

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Your body knows how to re-balance itself and it can only do this with your help.

If you suffer chronic fatigue or tiredness, I highly recommend that you listen to this recording to learn more about how you may support yourself and your health.

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