Food Combining for Improved Digestion

You probably know of somebody that has digestion problems… and it may be you. With so many food allergies and sensitivities showing up causing discomfort in various ways, here is a simple solution that might work for at least some of the cases.

 Andy presented to my office with gastrointestinal problems. She already suffered from food allergies and gave up gluten because of sensitivities there. She was focused on improving her diet, yet she found that even organic fresh fruits were quite difficult for her to digest.indigestion

 She had tried OG citrus, bananas, apples, as well as grapes and they each caused bloating when she ate them, sometimes pain, and often diarrhea. She was distressed with her inability to follow the healthy raw fruit diets that were recommended. The only fruits that she could eat regularly were mangos and pineapples, although on an empty stomach the latter gave her discomfort.

Andy had all but given up on being able to eat fruit at all and didn’t quite know what to do. When she came to me she was quite frustrated. I recommended one simple step that seems to have helped her quite a lot.

When looking at any diet or supplement plan it is important to focus on getting the right balance of nutrients and maintaining a nutritional synergy in their combination. By eating one fruit at a time there were missing vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes, thus creating an imbalance even though the single OG fruit was a good choice. In combining the fruits into a fruit salad the synergy was created and in this case Andy’s body was able to more easily digest and assimilate nutrients without the painful side effects suffered previously.

 This is just one case, and since each body is unique from others, this solution may not work for you. But – it is an easy solution to try because it just might work in your case too!

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