Blog versus Ezine and/or Blog?

This is the sixth year that I have published my ezine, Conscious Living.  Where it used to be my main vehicle through which I connected regularly with my network and shared ideas, now I have my blog, which you are reading now.

From 1995-2000 I published a weekly newspaper business column, so an ezine sent twice per month seemed like a natural descendent from my earlier Business Basics columns about Spirit in Business.  More recently blogging has hit it big, and of course, I had to jump in and join the flow.

I have loved my blog from the beginning, and still do. As you probably already know (who am I – preaching to the choir?), I totally enjoy sharing all kinds of thoughts in this venue. It is like a journal with you guys all looking into my brain and learning more about what makes me tick. It delighted me when I first discovered that some people had actually signed up to receive my musings on a regular basis. Wow. Somebody was really interested in what I was thinking about? I was flattered, and still so much enjoy that you are out there… somewhere… hopefully enjoying what I write.

Over the years my Conscious Living ezine has changed shapes. It was originally directed toward business colleagues and friends. My intent was to share Spirit in Business ideas in a very conservative, traditional environment of the southeast US. As my thoughts and ideas have grown more alternative I’ve attracted many new subscribers as some of the original ones have started to fall away. I still feel a bit muted in the ezine venue, although I am coming out with my authentic voice more and more.

It is time for me to get more focused and simplify my life. I plan to continue to share my musings here in my blog Alchemist Anne, and also to share Energy Therapy and EFT case studies on a weekly basis… as I have time.  And, in my Conscious Living ezine I will go more deeply into the cases, share some recording links and practical exercise tips, and also include some other articles about Spirit in Business and Conscious Living in general. In this way all of you who may be subscribed in both places will get new or expanded information in each venue.

Well, I so appreciate you all for listening to me think out loud… or at least reading along this far, if you have. It always helps to get your group energy in our MasterMind so that I can better clarify! I hope today and this weekend are FUN for you!!

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