Years ago I lived a life that wasn’t authentic. I was married, owned a 7300 square foot home full of art and antiques on two acres surrounded by horses, earned six figures as the only woman Director of a world-known multi-national conglomerate, was still working with my own retainer clients on the side, served on seven boards and commissions, wrote my own weekly business newspaper column, traveled regularly, wore all designer clothes, and regularly attended major conferences as keynote speaker. I wasn’t happy in this life even though everyone else thought that my husband and I were the perfect couple and that we had it all!

In my heart I realized that my marriage was based on co-dependence, my outer life was built on other people’s expectations, my business was driven by status and money, and I yearned to be free. I thought I was destined to live a life without passion – then I woke up.

The transition was very difficult for me. I designed it on a soul level and stumbled through it in 3D. It took me over five years to pull myself back out of the dark pit of my Dark Night of the Soul. I did it on my own – calling in helpers here and there – orchestrating my return and the creation of my new life on my own. Because of what I learned on that difficult journey I now reach out to help those who are either facing major life change that may end in trauma and turmoil, or those who already find themselves in the Dark Night of the Soul and need help getting out. My passion is to help others move through their life transitions without as much pain as I experienced, and in a shorter period of time.

Authenticity is a major part of living life well. When I met Martin he said that the only “rule” in our relationship was that we each be authentically ourselves. I continue to discover what that really means for me, and I am liking it more and more each day!

I invite you to explore authenticity and anything that may be blocking your way to that. Today in our EFT TAPshop we will focus on clearing out barriers to being authentic! You can join the international group by going to:

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