What is N-hanced EFT?

In 1995 I started using Neuro Emotional Technique NET as an energy therapy modality that really worked for me and I shared it with others. It is a meridian-based technique that also incorporates kinesiology and homeopathy in supporting clients and patients to clear emotional “issues in the tissues” that cause pain in the body, mind, or spirit.

When I needed to utilize a modality on myself I searched for a similar technique and started using Emotional Freedom Technique EFT for myself in 2000. It was easy for me to pick this up because it was easier than NET and based on the same system. I already was trained on how to ask the best questions of the body and was familiar with which meridians were related to which specific emotions. I started using classical EFT and was certified by Gary Craig. I teach my clients to use classical EFT, and later provide additional information.

Awhile ago I taught a course entitled “Going Deeper with Your Clients” for physicians, therapists, coaches, and other wellness practitioners. In the course I shared what I then referred to as N- EFT, and now refer to as N-hanced EFT.

Based on classic EFT, N-hanced EFT allows a client to identify an emotion and go directly to the meridian system that generally holds that particular emotional vibration. The focus here is on feeling the emotion, holding a mental “snapshot” of the present occurrence or a previous episode, and then clearing it from the priority meridian location first. If relief is felt, then little if anything else is needed until the next layer appears to be cleared.

I often work with trauma cases of extreme emotion, and there are specific points that can address the pain of the moment. I generally arm my clients with a list of these specific points to use when specific emotions arise and they need immediate assistance. For my NET clients I also provide some EFT tapping points as well as specific homeopathics when their body calls for them to help clear the “body memory” from the meridian.

The miracles that I experience regularly with clients, and in my own life, continue to amaze me. I am so grateful to have potent energy therapy tools such as NET and EFT to share with others! Thank you, Scott Walker, Gary Craig, George Goodheart, John Diamond, Roger Callahan, and all of the others who have provided research to support healing modalities such as NET and EFT.

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