Using Props to Support EFT Tapping

The potency of using meridian-based therapies is that a practitioner can “hot-wire” access to the subconscious mind and electro-magnetic field around the body where the emotional baggage is stored. When the focus is on clearing an emotional feeling that is heavy, negative, or unbeneficial to the person, by tapping on specific meridian points one can easily activate the intention of clearing the bad feelings. Most practitioners do a lot of talking while facilitating classic EFT, and this is not necessary if the person is holding onto the feeling or the “snapshot” of an uncomfortable memory.

I often urge my clients to talk to their subconscious about how they feel. A familiar conversation with Self is often easier than trying to remember a set script, and a clear stating of why “this feeling” is unbeneficial and claiming the “choice” that it be cleared can be an easy dialogue. Words sometimes detract from the feelings, however. In cases like this I invite my clients to use props as reminders of the feeling or situation being cleared.

  • In cases of clearing trauma following surgery I remind clients to touch the scars or physical points that were afflicted. The same can be true with accidents.
  • In cases of loss of a loved one, a photo of that person or an object once belonging to that person might trigger strong emotions that can be easily and quickly cleared.
  • When issues are involved I invite clients to tap around symbols of those issues or that area of life that bring up emotions. An example might be to tap around money or bills or credit cards for issues involving blocks to financial abundance. Weight issues might be supported by tapping around various-sized outfits, menus, exercise schedules or pre- and post- snapshots.

Since it is the emotion that we wish to clear, a practitioner of EFT tapping can always identify some symbol for an issue at hand and use it as a prop to keep the emotional charge high while tapping – until it is tapped away. A different emotional aspect of an issue may show up for each individual prop, so the more props you use, the better. And, after you have de-charged the prop, you can decide if you wish to keep it or let it go out of your life along with the emotional charge. (This is great for clutter-busting, too!)

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