Using NET to Clear Mother’s Fear from Client’s DNA

My client recently presented with some concern about pressure behind his eyes. He had undergone surgery years before for a detached retina resulting from an accident.

When I tested him for the issue the condition itself didn’t come up as emotional, however there was an emotion of concern attached to his symptoms. In using NET / Neuro Emotional Technique, I asked his body for the original occurrence of this concern and it came up pre-birth. In searching his DNA it seems that his mother held some concern about eyesight and he had inherited this.

My client had heard a story of how his mom as a little girl had not been able to see the blackboard at school and had felt some major fear and concern at not being able to see what the other children saw. Her situation was easily remedied with glasses after she visited an eye doctor, however this solution did not erase her dread of losing her sight that she had felt before.

Not only did my client inherit his mother’s concern, fear, dread about losing eyesight, but both he and his brother had succumbed to major eye conditions while young – one by accident and the other by physical condition.

We cleared the angst from my client using the wrist pulse points and he showed no lingering toxicity or body memory. I am interested in hearing whether this will also clear his feelings of pressure behind the eyes.

It is truly amazing what the body can tell us when asked, and how our DNA can shape our reality in so many ways.

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