Using EFT is Easier for Changing Beliefs Than Force of Will

In my experience with clients one can only go so far using force of will to shift a belief system. Most beliefs are deeply rooted in the subconscious and based on past emotional reactions that are stored in the body’s electro-magnetic field. The best way to clear the resistance to change and the subconscious blockage holding the old belief in place is to access the electro-magnetic field via the meridian system.

This has been done for thousands of years via acupuncture and now more and more individuals, coaches, therapists, etc. are learning to do this and we teach our clients how to access their own systems to completely and permanently clear out the old resistance and emotional blockages that form the beliefs.

When I find a client who self-sabotages or holds onto limiting beliefs I automatically know that he/she is fighting inner resistance. I introduce Emotional Freedom Technique which is an easy-to-learn meridian-tapping technique that supports the permanent clearing of the emotional resistance so that then the person is free to change his/her beliefs. It works quickly, painlessly, and doesn’t require force of will.

For more information on this technique you may visit my website to listen to a free Intro to EFT or an Intro to EFT for Coaches series. Go to: or feel free to contact me at:!

I’ve seen physical, mental, emotional miracles happen in one or two sessions using EFT. It is wonderful and I support the clients of other coaches who reach a barrier and need a session or two to clear their blocks… then return to their normal coaching series.

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