Use EFT to Clear Emotional Molehills Before they Become Mountains

Often my coaching clients mention that they forget to use their Energy Therapy and EFT tools on their own to clear emotions when they come up, and then are frustrated later that they could have cleared an issue before it grew into a bigger obstacle.

Remember the old phrase “making a mountain out of a molehill”?

When you have a fear or doubt or pang of overwhelm or anger, there is no better time than right then in the present to tap away the feeling. If you pass over the feeling, expecting that it will go away on its own, then you are incorrect in your presumption.

Whenever you feel an emotion there is a chemical reaction that is set off in your body. The reaction creates energy that is stored in your organs and meridian system. This emotion will stay stored where it is until something allows it to be cleared. And, it can be added onto by similar emotional experiences that add more to the charge that is already located in your body’s electromagnetic field. (Creating the mountain out of what started out as a small molehill.)

If there is already a charge of a certain kind, then it will attract similar charge. In my studies of kinesiology and NET I learned that specific organs hold specific emotions, and that the way to most completely clear these emotions and their charge is to stimulate the meridian attached to that organ and intentionally clear it from that meridian and organ.

So, if you are driving down the road and approach a scary intersection like I did today on the way to my office, the best thing to do is to tap away all fear that is in you about that intersection – right then. This morning I did this. As I did it I realized that I had accepted some fears and suggested behaviors from my mate about his reaction to the intersection. This morning it occurred to me that most of the fear I had taken on was his rather than my own. I am always careful on blind hills when I pull out onto a country mountain road, and I don’t know the history of the many accidents that may or may not have happened there. So, my question to myself this morning was: “Do I really want to carry this fear with me anymore?” I answered “No!”, so I did one quick round of tapping and let it go.

I created an EFT set-up statement of:  Even though I feel fear when I pull out onto this road with it’s blind hill, I deeply & completely accept myself and trust my driving and choose to clear this fear.

Then I followed by tapping all of the points using some the following statements as I felt the fear:

  • This fear of pulling out on this road
  • This fear of pulling out on blind hills
  • This fear based on Martin’s comments to me about this intersection
  • This fear about pulling out at the wrong time
  • This fear of other drivers coming over the blind hill
  • This fear of what might be coming
  • This fear that I might hurt my wonderful new vehicle
  • This fear that I might do something stupid and careless
  • Etc.

I felt totally at peace and cleared of the old fear a few minutes later. I will be interested in going through that intersection again in a few days to ensure that all of the charge is gone.

So, before any of your emotional molehills become mountains, I highly advise that you use your wonderful tapping tools to clear the emotional issues. And, if you don’t know how, you can learn by downloading a free Introduction to EFT from my website at:

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