The Important Role of the Energy Therapist in NET & EFT

As I re-establish my energy therapy practice to include offering more Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) for local clients, I am noticing a phenomenon that has often piqued my interest while facilitating sessions of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This is the major role of the facilitator or energy therapist in working with the client – whichever modality is utilized.

In several cases using NET I have noticed that the energetics between the practitioner and client are leading the dynamics of the session. Unlike EFT, a facilitator is needed for NET and the client’s body energy system is asked direct questions using kinesiological muscle testing. I ask questions about whether a physical pain is emotional or chemical, where it is held (in which meridian system), what the emotion is, when the occurrence of this emotion in a similar situation first occurred for the person, who was involved, etc. The body tells me exactly what I need to know and to do in order to relieve the physical or emotional pain held by the client.

I have noticed several cases when I have asked the client’s body what emotion is being held, and it has affirmed what I have mentioned, but the client has not consciously known the meaning of the word that I used.

In one case it was a child who was ignorant of the meaning of “resentment”. When this was explained to her, she agreed that she really did feel that way. We followed the emotion back to its earliest occurrence, cleared it, and the pain disappeared for the youngster. She did not need to know the meaning of the word because our energies were connected and I knew the meaning when I asked her body the question.

Whenever I facilitate a distance energy therapy session via phone I start the session by physically reaching my hands in the direction of where my client is physically located. As a Reiki Master I like this little ritual that I have created in the privacy of my own office, because it consciously and intentionally connects my energy with that of my client. I know that whenever I work with a client I am sharing both Reiki energy as well as the additional N-hanced EFT that I offer. So, if I can dramatically connect my energy by telephone, it stands to reason that working hands-on with a client in my office will definitely provide an opportunity for our energies to intertwine and my own knowledge and vibration to be shared in our work together. This also demonstrates why both NET and EFT can be facilitated using a surrogate for infants, small children, and animals. The energetic connection is always there.

Another local client recently was unsure of the meaning of “comme ci-comme ca”. When I told her it meant the feeling of “whatever”, then she completely agreed that this was very meaningful to her in the situation she was clearing. Her body had already indicated that this was the appropriate emotion to clear even though her conscious mind was ignorant of the definition of the term. Again, my energy as the NET facilitator had connected with my client’s body to provide the correct response to what it needed.

So, whenever clients ask me why their EFT sessions are more potent when I facilitate than when they work alone, I believe that it is due to our shared intentionality and the additional energy that I offer while we are connected on that deep “we are one” level.

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