Tapping to Clear Blocks to Receiving

Today I was driving my little truck along a mountain road and I felt a pull and roughness coming from a brake dragging on the front left side. I’ve experienced this before and usually can get it to release, but today was different. It was very hot outside and that brake was getting hotter and hotter as it dragged and I continued to drive. I kept pulling over and stopping, reversing, and doing whatever else seemed like it might help.

My vehicles have always outwardly shown emotional or psychological issues going on inside of me – don’t laugh – this has been very apparent in my life for many years, and I do pay attention. So, considering this stuck left front brake I asked myself about what in me was resisting being open to receive. The left, YIN, side of the body is the receiving side, and it seems that in the case of my truck… the brake was definitely stuck in the ON position.

I started tapping using N- EFT (Neuro- Emotional Freedom Technique), saying “Even though my truck’s left front brake is stuck on and I may be blocking myself to receive something coming into my life, I deeply & completely love & accept myself.” I didn’t get fancy – just basics to clear some residual fear I have about a transaction I am getting ready to go through that is full of rewards for me if I take a risk.

I had tapped about half of the normal short N- EFT sequence when I slowly drove past an intersection of where two country roads come together. I noticed a truck sitting in an odd place, and since I was driving slowly, I also noticed several small kittens all around the truck.

Something told me to double back – I’ve been open to find a cute kitten for awhile, and I wondered if that truck was dumping a litter on the side of the road. The man in the truck told me that he had stopped to make a cellphone call while he still had reception and found himself surrounded by kittens. They were crawling all over his truck tires trying to get into the vehicle with him.

I picked them up – all three of them – and headed up the hill to a country church on the corner. Nobody was there but somebody had left food and water out for the kittens. I placed them by their food and went back to my truck, however I was not alone. These three were starved for human attention. I wonder if they had been dumped or if they were kittens of a feral female who had been tamed by church members. I’ll never know, however I did realize that there was no escaping these little cuties. Every time I went back to my truck they were close behind, and I was afraid they would get hit in the road, so I realized I was open to receive… and I brought them home with me.

I haven’t yet introduced them to Martin, and I’ve got a busy weekend of playing performances of a musical, so I’m not sure what I will do with the kittens while I am gone every evening, however, for now they are keeping me company and I am thoroughly enjoying the joy they are exhibiting in their playfulness. It has been awhile since I’ve had a kitten, and never three at the same time. Am I ready to receive this level of confusion as well as love and fun in my life? We shall see! ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, and did I mention that I had put it out to the Universe awhile ago that it might be fun to adopt more than one kitten at a time – since in the past I always had several? So, now there are three, and two are currently asleep on my lap! ๐Ÿ™‚ And, after that short tapping session I also feel clearer about the original issue around which I was tapping!

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