Releasing My Mom’s Stresses from My DNA

At the recent NET Basic and Advanced seminars that I attended in Atlanta I re-connected with an old friend from previous seminars and doctors’ retreats, Dr. Terry “The Terminator” Henderson. He is a very good practitioner of Neuro Emotional Technique and a skilled doctor of chiropractic in Ft. Thomas, KY. Terry and I work-shopped together during the three-day seminar and I felt some profound shifts continuing through the next week.

One of the past issues that came up while we were working on a present issue was actually held in my energy system via my DNA. In asking the body, it was traced back to my mother and her stresses around being a young housewife during the early 1950’s. In her own organized and Capricorn manner she had brought into herself and her own body’s meridian system all of the “shoulds” of that era and had created her lifestyle accordingly. I had inherited the charge of the energetics that she held around that. I compounded my own stress by attempting to be authentically me while feeling inwardly pressured to fit into those 1950’s conservative ideals and beliefs in order to please my mother.

Terry cleared that from my DNA and I began taking homeopathic remedies to further and completely clear the “body memory” of that old DNA pattern. During the rest of the seminar I recognized deeper layers coming up as ready to be cleared after this big “chunk” had been released. During the following week I felt a mixture of freedom as well as anger as the old patterns continued to leave my body’s electro-magnetic field. What a relief to finally feel fine about being ME!

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