Psoriasis is an Inside Job!

My client had presented to me with many physical symptoms including severe psoriasis over most of her body. We had cleared enough emotional baggage using a combination of NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) energy therapy modalities, that many of her symptoms had started to abate, however the psoriasis was raging on – literally.

She felt like something was trying to burn its way out of her, and any time she started to feel good expansive energy, she was taken over by severe scratching attacks, making the already damaged skin even more painful and sometimes bloody and raw.

One N- EFT session addressed the psoriasis and the symptoms, my client’s need to scratch, and her seeming reluctance to heal. After that some of the patches of sore scales started to gradually heal. But, there was still an inner drive to scratch – even though she knew it was bad for the condition.

In a second N- EFT session we focused my client’s emotions around the condition, her DNA predisposition to inherit psoriasis from her mother, the feelings she had held about her mother’s nasty case of it, and some empathy for her mother and the reasons her mom might have manifested this stress-based condition into her life. We also focused on clearing all of my client’s memories, feelings, perceptions, beliefs around psoriasis, and gave her permission to love her body, to heal from this condition, and to control the scratching. We also re-framed her bathing ritual into a sacred ceremony where she could remain conscious even when towel-drying her sensitive skin and scalp, so that only therapeutic skin-removal scratching would occur.

Since that second session the psoriasis has been healing. My client reports that she no longer has the inner urge to scratch, her face and forehead are now clear for the first time in years, she can happily feel positive inner expansion without being driven to scratch, and she has stopped wearing gloves to bed. She is able to look at herself in the mirror with self love rather than disgust, and she just asked her hairdresser to cut her hair shorter around her face – for the first time in years!

She is not only thrilled, but feeling so much better – from the inside- out!

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  • Anne Merkel PhD
    November 1, 2014

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  • janet
    July 13, 2014

    How can I get this help. I have the exact sympyoms

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