Physical Clearing Protocol Using N-hanced EFT

Whenever a client presents to me with a physical ailment I usually follow a certain protocol as I support the person to feel better.
Using my own version of meridian based tapping, N- EFT/ Neuro- Emotional Freedom Technique, here is what I look for and clear:

1. Pain & obvious symptoms
2. Fear
3. Victimhood and lack of control
4. Emotions around the diagnosis
5. Treatment fears
6. Treatment issues & process
7. Prognosis
8. Pain & other symptoms
9. Fear of the future
10. Dark dread, fear, out of control, depression

If you would like to know which meridian tapping points relate to each step and how to best clear the aspects listed, then you might wish to sign up today for this week’s recorded Energy Therapy & N- EFT TAPShop call. During September we are focused on Clearing All Blockages to Abundant Health. During October we will focus our four calls on Clearing All Blocks to Abundant Wealth. For more information you may go to: .

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