Neuro Emotional Technique

Often I am asked about Neuro Emotional Technique and the difference between NET and EFT/ Emotional Freedom Technique. There are many similarities as well as differences, so here is my answer to that question:

1- NET requires a facilitator – EFT can be done on oneself.
2- EFT utilizes acupuncture points – NET is based on classic five-element acupuncture.
3- Both modalities work directly with the body’s meridian system.
4- EFT utilizes meridian tapping – NET utilizes spinal manipulations via tapping or activator device – NEAT/ Neuro Emotional Anti-sabotage Technique utilizes wrist pulse points for clearing issues.
5- In EFT one must sometimes guess at the underlying core issue – In NET the body answers specific questions via kinesiological testing so that the practitioner can trace the issue directly back to the earliest event – even in the DNA.
6- NET was created by a chiropractor – EFT and its predicessor TFT both descended from the work of Dr. George Goodheart, a chiropractor and father of applied kinesiology.
7- EFT is quick and easy to learn, and I enjoy sharing it with all of my clients – NET requires intensive study and I continue to take refresher and advanced courses.
8- Both NET and EFT are being studied scientifically so that research results can be shared with the public.
9- EFT has many “certification” programs – NET only certifies licensed health practitioners through its central organization , so the majority of those using the modality are physicians or licensed therapists.
10- EFT and NET were introduced to the world by Gary Craig and G. Scott Walker at about the same time in the 1980’s – NET is celebrating its 26th birthday this year.
11- Both EFT and Neuro Emotional Technique clear emotional charge held in the meridian system, organs, glands.
12- Both EFT and Neuro Emotional Technique work best when the client/patient is focusing on the feeling of what needs to be cleared.
13- EFT utilizes set-up statements and verbal dialogue throughout – NET only asks the client to focus on the feeling of the blockage.
14- EFT clears a specific aspect of an issue in a single round – NET can clear multiple aspects of an issue in one treatment.
15- In EFT the “body memory” needs to be tapped away whenever it comes up – in NET the “body memory” can be cleared using follow-up homeopathic remedies especially formulated for that purpose.
16- In EFT often the subconscious mind resists making a shift and becomes “apolar” or suffers from “psychological reversal” – In NET if apolaria shows up in a client/patient a chiropractor can simply adjust C1 to clear it, and other practitioners can utilize the “Visceral Polarity” homeopathic that is especially formulated for that condition.
17- In EFT the protocol addresses many meridians – In NET the body tells what emotion and where it is held, so treatment is very specific to just the meridians that hold the issue.
18- Both EFT & NET treatments take little time to perform.
19- Both Emotional Freedom Technique and Neuro Emotional Technique provide dramatic results.
20- Both EFT and NET will be represented at the June, 2011 ACEP/ Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology Conference.

So, these are just a few points that might give you a picture of the similarities and differences in these two modalities. I learned and practiced NET for years before I decided I wanted to find a similar modality that I could easily use on myself, and I discovered EFT. I often facilitate NET or N-hanced EFT with my clients, and I teach them all to use EFT for its ease in day-to-day emotional clearing.

Thanks for asking! 🙂

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