Neuro Emotional Technique is a Potent Healing Modality

My ex-husband introduced me to Neuro Emotional Technique (NET). As a chiropractor he utilized applied kinesiology and felt that NET would support his practice. We studied together for seven years and it ended it up that I practice it more than he does. It makes so much sense to me, and it led me to find and better understand EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

Dr. Scott Walker, DC, developed NET during the same year that Gary Craig developed EFT. Both had studied other modalities and went on to create techniques that would benefit the masses.

NET at first was just offered to doctors: MD’s, DC’s, DO’s, DDS’s, PhD’s, and now that has been extended to licensed health and wellness practitioners. The technique is based on the philosophy that anyone presenting to a health or wellness practitioner with physical pain or dis-ease is being affected by one of three things:

  1. a structural imbalance or intrusion into the system (often resulting from an accident causing a break, sprain, strain, cut, abrasion)
  2. a chemical imbalance (hormones, enzymes, blood chemistry, toxins, allergens, bad food combining, pesticides, etc.)
  3. an emotional component (stored emotional charge or chemistry found somewhere within the electromagnetics, organs, viscera, brain).

Based on that philosophy an NET practitioner asks the patient’s body specific questions, and using kinesiological muscle testing, the body answers. This is much like inputting data and getting data in return via a computer. The body and its electro-magnetic field do not lie. It is amazing what one can find out about another person by just asking the right questions and then letting the body answer. The patients are often reminded of people and experiences from their early lives that they have not thought of in many years, and it is their body who comes up with the data to help them focus on where the old emotion first showed up. Then, a specific protocol is handled for each occasion based on what the emotion is and where it is being stored.

I enjoy facilitating NET with my clients when I work on them in person. I’ve seen some amazing results with this very potent modality. Even though I am not a physician I have been able to successfully treat a variety of physical, emotional, and psychological issues that had not been improved using more traditional approaches. And, when I use EFT I blend a little of my NET background into my understanding of why EFT works and how to support its effectiveness.

So, if you are interested in knowing more about Neuro Emotional Technique you may visit: or for all kinds of details related to this globally popular and powerful modality.

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