NET for Vertigo

Vertigo is a horrible sensation that we all want to avoid, however it affects many people – for a variety of reasons.

My uncle recently missed his daughter’s wedding because of a case of vertigo that laid him low. Not only could he not sit up or walk, but his nausea lasted for a day and made him helpless and miserable.

He has been seen by all kinds of medical doctors, with multiple checks by neurologists and general practitioners. The drugs prescribed don’t seem to work, so he continues to suffer.

As a practitioner of Neuro Emotional Technique it is not my job to try to convert someone to a holistic, non-traditional approach to their health and wellness. If he had been open to a new modality I would have shared with him the concept of a connection between the ileocecal valve and vertigo, related possibly to foods, drink, or other chemicals that he had ingested.

Our body is such a wonderful organism, and it is important that we approach it in a whole way. More and more physicians are now beginning to see the value of and practice Energy Medicine, where they look at the body and its related energy fields. NET utilizes the meridians to track energy blockages to organs and other vital parts of the physiology.

In the model that I have in mind, the ICV or ileocecal valve often serves as an energy circuit breaker – just like the electrical breakers in your home or office building. When a chemical element is ingested, if it creates undo stress on the system, in many cases the ICV short circuits to cause some physical reaction. This can range from cramps to headache, to vertigo, feelings of exhaustion, tinnitus, among many other symptoms that show up uniquely in each body. Using NET this reaction with its symptoms and causes can be diagnosed as well as treated on the spot. Often to further clear the chemical (or food) that has created a toxic reaction in the body, a specific homeopathic is utilized to further the healing. Relief is often immediate using this modality.

So, in a case like this, my uncle suffered for a day and as the chemical passed through his system, he was back to normal, but still missed the wedding. Without being aware of his sensitivity to an ingested or environmental toxin he may react again to whatever caused this case of vertigo.

If you suffer from vertigo you may wish to think back to what you have ingested within the previous hours. This might be the key to why you are suffering the symptoms. Note whether the vertigo leaves you as the chemical is passed from your body. This will be a clue!

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