MasterMind for Success!

mmWhen I worked as a top manager in Corporate America I used to train others to create mentoring, coaching, benchmarking, and mastermind partnerships and groups. Because I have always taken a sense of consciousness or Spirit into my business dealings, the MasterMind groups that I set up were the most fun for me. I believe this is because MasterMinding, by its very nature, is an energetic exercise. You may read more here about how Master Minding is a simple way to incorporate energy therapy into your life and business.

To set up a successful Master Mind arrangement you may follow these steps:

  1. Identify what you would like to get as a result from MasterMinding.
  2. Identify who you know that can support you to get the results that you want.
  3. Make sure that you feel comfortable sharing personal and business details with this individual or small group of individuals.
  4. Make sure that you can equally share with these others.
  5. Choose how often and for how long you would like to meet to MasterMind.
  6. Will you meet in person or by phone, internet, Skype, etc?
  7. Will the time segment you are considering allow enough sharing time for each member you have identified, or should the time be lengthened or group be limited in number?
  8. When do you wish to start meeting?
  9. Now is a good time to approach the others with your plan.
  10. Identify who is available and interested, and schedule your first meeting.
  11. Create an introductory agenda for the first meeting that will: a-Introduce all members and their intentions for joining the group, b- co-create a set & routine schedule so that all members can plan ahead, c- co-create a meeting agenda template that can be followed during each MM session, d- allow for sharing and Q/A at the end.
  12. Get started and enjoy your sharing and the benefits thereof!

There is much to be gained by sharing in a MasterMind alliance. I highly endorse bringing this form of energy therapy into your life and business!

In fact, if you are interested in connecting with like-minded others who employ energy therapy and meridian tapping in their lives and businesses, then my monthly Practitioner MasterMind program is something worth checking out! Just go here for more information.


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