Spirit in Business or Religion in Business?

Until just a few years ago I regularly attended a yearly International Spirit or Consciousness in Business Conference . This was sponsored by several very conscious organizations including The Message Company out of Santa Fe, NM. Twice I attended while the conference was held in Mexico and 600-700 people from all over the world attended. The topics ranged the whole gamut around Spirit/Consciousness in Business and the conference was truly outstanding.

A year after the last official conference another group held a meeting where the topics of Spirit via “Religion in Business” versus “Spirituality in Business” came up and there was quite a discussion of the difference. Of course, nothing was really resolved, as each individual feels spirituality in his/her own way and some see it through the filter of a religion while others see it as a direct connection with the Universe/ Higher Self/ One-ness/ Source, etc.

I feel that as coaches we need to be open to speak the language of our clients as well as respect their filters. Not everyone is open to see Spirituality beyond a religion framework.

The Law of Attraction works for everyone, and I believe we are free to practice our own form of spirituality in our personal and professional lives as long as we allow this freedom to others too.

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