Limiting Beliefs Cleared With N- EFT

Limiting Beliefs create so many roadblocks in all areas of receiving abundance in life! Health, Wealth, Love can all be thwarted by inner limiting beliefs.

My experience and training point out that Limiting Beliefs are created on a deep subconscious basis by emotional reactions or emotion-based electro-magnetic charge.

The basis to forming Beliefs can be inherited in one’s DNA, created based on pre-verbal infant perceptions of the surrounding energetics, created as a reaction to trauma or feeling an emotional reaction to an occurrence, story, reaction of another, etc.

I’ve often worked with clients with debilitating physical conditions, who were unable to set “getting healthy” as a top priority goal. In going deeper into the cause of this feeling of “unworthiness to be healthy”, I discovered abuse, trauma, deep cutting inner criticism, among other causes that formed Limiting Beliefs.

Coaching alone cannot go this deep, however I use N- EFT (Neuro- Emotional Freedom Technique) to support my clients and to help them to permanently clear out the blockages that cause their conscious mind to create Limiting Beliefs.

I have several introductory recordings that provide more information about how these energy therapy/ energy psychology tools can benefit you and others. You may access these free recordings at:

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