I am so Grateful that I could serve!

Yesterday I met a milestone goal that I had set – to serve at least one hundred people with complimentary one-on-one coaching and energy therapy sessions.

I met that goal yesterday and was happy to have been able to share my abilities and tools with so many people – without charging or asking for their business!  This is a way I’ve always tithed back to my community and to the Universe for all of my blessings, and I am grateful that I could do it!

Because energy therapy tools like EFT, NET, applied kinesiology, and distance Reiki are so powerful, it often  takes only one session to clear a major life-long emotional block that had previously caused chronic illness, physical pain, self-sabotage, failed relationships, blocked financial income, cycles of “bad luck”, among so many other life symptoms. It is always a gift for me when people report back later that our session literally changed their life. I am grateful for the good news!

So, today, in celebration, I’m going to take some time out of my busy day and go for a walk in the woods while it is still lightly snowing. It is so beautiful here and I am grateful that I am rewarded for my good work by being able to live in such a wonderful part of the planet. We’re not in the big blizzard of the NE USA… just the bottom edge, and it is fun having the beauty of the snow without the hassle that others are having right now elsewhere. This is another reason that I am grateful!

So, think of me out walking in nature, thinking about the many people who trusted me to help them when they needed it! I am so grateful that I could serve them!

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