How I Cured Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia with Energy Psychology

My previous blog article claims “Chronic Fatigue is Curable!”, and I received several comments asking how I did this in my own case and what I do when I work with others. So, firstly, I’d like to share how I cured my own condition.

There were several factors that led to the symptoms of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia in my body. I avoid claiming them as “mine”, because they showed up, stayed for a year, bothered me 24/7, and then I cleared them out! These were symptoms, diagnosed – yes, however, just symptoms that led to a condition that others had entitled as chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

I tend to approach life in a wholistic and energetic way, and when I suffered from those terrible symptoms I had not yet learned of NET/ Neuro Emotional Technique or EFT/ Emotional Freedom Technique. I might have cleared out the symptoms much sooner had I been able to apply NET and EFT at the time.

I first identified that I was acting and feeling very much like a victim, and that, in itself was very disempowering. Louise Hay says in her writings that often the basis for chronic fatigue and other auto-immune disorders is an inner conflict between dependence and independence. I looked at my own life and found that struggle as a very strong issue that I had internalized. This inner struggle made me sick – literally, and had wasted a year of my life. I wanted my personal power back! And, it was time, once and for all, to totally let go of victimhood. I let that go from my being… for good!

Next I took that re-claimed personal power and had a strong chat with my Maker. I basically explained that I had wasted a year, learned some very strong lessons, and it was time for me to learn how to cure myself – fast, or I was leaving! This was easy to say since I felt like I was dying every day… either of the fatigue or the constant pain. This time I really meant it, and claimed my conviction. I set an intention to learn the steps I needed to take to make myself well again.

Within two days I was synchronistically led to some documents that told me everything I needed to know. I realized that I had several things going on physically, and this was all tested and proven to be true when I went to my physician of choice. I sought out a special practitioner of applied kinesiology who also worked with homeopathics. He tested my body and identified the best protocol to use, the dosages of homeopathics, and since he was also a chiropractor, he could align my body as it began to be cleared of the toxins.

I started on a dietary regimen of my own choice that would support the work being done by my physician. I took a supplement, a homeopathic remedy, and an herb to help eliminate the condition based on our findings. With the support of gentle acupressure treatments from my AK chiropractor I started eliminating the pain.

Little-by-little my energy started to return, and almost immediately the pain subsided. I noticed that a side benefit of the treatment was that I was losing weight. In two months I was a new person, and twenty pounds lighter! My body was re-balanced and felt better than it had felt in several years.

In my own research I found many possible causes to the symptoms that I suffered. I narrowed down the search and then turned to a holistic healing expert who used tested approaches as well as some energy modalities to support my healing process. I supported his work with my own regimen. The results were that I got my life back.

Soon after my own metamorphosis I met a nurse who had quit her job and was suffering from chronic fatigue and painful fibromyalgia. I started coaching her to look at aspects of her life. We walked through a number of possible causes until we found the root cause of her suffering. I guided her to the appropriate physician who could support her healing. Within a month she was feeling much better and a little later she was back at work and living a normal life again as well.

I’ve talked with many sufferers of the same symptoms that I had. Often people resist letting go of their conditions, and some hold on to victimhood in their lives just because of fear of the unknown. I enjoy coaching and supporting people who are ready and willing to look inside and start the process of healing- whatever it takes!   I use energy clearing modalities with my clients including NET, EFT, AK, Reiki, so that they can let go of the inner resistance that often stands in the way of moving forward with the healing process. I work closely with and refer to other holistic practitioners for the parts they can play in the process. When the patient is ready, healing can and will occur! 

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  • Anne Merkel PhD
    November 1, 2014

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  • Anne Merkel PhD
    November 1, 2014

    Glad you found this to be helpful!

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  • Jen Davies
    May 17, 2014

    I have been diagnosed with Firomyalgia and all that goes with it. The pain has eased but the fatigue is very debilitating and I have gained 2 stone in 2 months. I am having reflexology and taking supplements. Can u help please? Also, not sleeping.

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