Getting Feelings Involved in EFT!

Whenever I facilitate an EFT or N- EFT session with a client I monitor how they are reacting energetically. If the client gets totally lost in repeating a phrase, then they might be stuck – either in left brain, or in subconscious resistance. I can usually gauge which is occurring so that I can adjust my statements and keep them in the subconscious feeling.

In my many years studying and facilitating both NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), I realize that the words we use are only good for keeping the client in the feeling of the resistance, charge, or pain. Whenever the words detract from the energy clearing process, then they need to be adjusted. Often I offer gaps of silence in a tapping sequence, where the client can focus just on the pain or feeling while tapping a point. I stay out of the way and keep words from bringing the person back into left-brain analytical thinking. This is often the most profound part of a tapping sequence.

In NET we ask the client to “go to the snapshot” of the pain or discomfort, and to hold the feeling while the facilitator does the tapping. This can also be applied to EFT, where the main focus should also be on tapping away the feeling or blockage. A good EFT facilitator will use words to guide the client into the different aspects of the issue or blockage, while an inexperienced EFT facilitator may merely cloud the issue and block energetic clearing with words that are insignificant in the process. This is truly a skill to be learned!

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