Emotional Priority Clearing Tips

An interesting case recently proved to me the potency of listening to the priority requested by a client’s body.

In our first session we utilized EFT / Emotional Freedom Technique to clear a major issue from childhood. It was an obvious starting point with this client, and EFT proved to be a potent tool.

During the second session it became apparent that NET / Neuro Emotional Technique would be a better tool, as a long-standing pattern of self-sabotage seemed to point to the client’s DNA, and in order to ascertain the specifics, we needed to ask the body specific questions using kinesiological muscle testing.

The client came up with her first statement of issue and the body tested weak saying that was definitely an issue. As I scanned to identify which meridian was involved and what specific emotion was elicited, the client came up with a second statement of issue – something that the subconscious pushed up as a priority, that now tested stronger as a dominant issue than the original.

We followed the second statement of issue, focusing on the same body meridian and emotion as identified for the original statement. When I asked “whose emotion?” we discovered that this was not the client’s emotion, but was her father’s issue and emotion. She had carried this with her, but when we tested, it seems that her father had carried it since birth also.

We used NEAT / Neuro Emotional Anti-sabotage Technique pulse points plus emotional release points to clear the father’s emotional issue and then the same points to clear the client’s second issue statement. We tested for both and they were cleared. Then we returned to the client’s original issue statement and found that this, too, had cleared with the focus on the father’s issue.

Through-out the process the client held the feeling of her own issues, and then what she imagined her father felt with his issues. We primarily used the issue statements rather than other set-up statements, and the NET procedure allowed for some deep DNA clean-up in my client. She ended the session feeling completely congruent with both of her original issue statements.

I look forward to hearing my client’s report of the results of this powerful session as the synchronicities and life shifts start to occur for her!

This case shows how important it is to keep the following points in mind – whether using NET or EFT:

1- Start each session with a high charge issue,
2- Clearly state the issue and gauge the charge (in EFT),
3- Start the protocol and be open to related issues emerging from the subconscious,
4- If another issue comes up that seems to hold more urgent charge, then follow that second issue, keeping the first one in mind to check for clearing after this second, more urgent issue is cleared,
5- In NET always ask “whose emotion” this is, and follow that to wherever it takes you,
6- Rather than lose the client in left brain wordiness, have him or her feel the issue during every step and at each tapping point,
7- Give the client quiet opportunities to sit with the feeling of the issue, holding wrist points + emotional release points (NET) or tapping each point (EFT) until an energy shift is felt with a release of charge,
8- Completely clear the second, more urgent issue, and then return to the original to make sure it has been cleared too. If it is not already clear, then make it so.
9- Respect that the body always knows the more appropriate priority order in which to release emotional charge around issues, and this order must be followed for best results.

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