EFT World Summit Summary…

What a week it has been for EFT enthusiasts world-wide! Most of the people on my EFT TAPshop call this week had been participating, and they reported multiple break-through’s as they listened to the various presenters and topics during the 10 days of presentations. I ended up not having time to listen to all of the days, and bought the full program so that I can listen at my leisure while I’m driving, etc. There are many valuable comments, suggestions, case studies, etc. Now I own all of Gary Craig’s media products as well as these new CD’s put out by some of his followers and protege’s. As a practitioner I am always looking for ways to expand my own practice, polish my own style, and benefit from the facilitation of others when I’m tapping on my own issues!

In general I think that the “Try It on Everything” folks did a professional job of marketing the Summit. There were some stafus behind the scenes… little things like not inviting Gary Craig to present, using “EFT World Summit” as a title when Gary suggested that they use “Tapping World Summit” instead. Not clearly indicating that this was not being sponsored in any way by Gary or his organization. And a few other points that they ended up incorporating a bit better toward the end of the week.

I think the presenters were good. I disagree with the approaches of a few of them, and highly endorse the techniques of others. Some are really using EFT while others have adapted it to incorporate their own processes or other techniques. There are many needs and many tools out there to serve the needs. So, I think this week of tapping sessions has definitely introduced some good information and shifted lots of energy on the planet for the better. It was a big undertaking and it went well considering the volume and the technology.

 Introducing the summit in the format that they did – with so many nights of free presentations and then several purchasable packages – was a good marketing ploy. There was a high rate of purchase and so I’m sure that everybody came out a winner in this situation. Some skeptics may say that the organizers had ulterior motives and were greedy, but to put on an international internet conference of this size took great planning skills, time, money, and the presentations were all worthy of energy return. I’d say, as a freebie going in who finally bought on the last day, that it was very much worth all of my time and the money I  spent to have these presentations in my lending library.

So, if you have had your appetite wetted and want to learn from the EFT source, go to http://www.emofree.com to download both free and other materials from Gary Craig. Also, if you are interested in buying the EFT World Summit recordings plus bonuses you may go to: http://is.gd/tmGR . I’m excited about re-listening to several of the presentations… when I make the time!

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