EFT Tapping Cleanse for the New Year

Blog Friends – this year of 2011 has just flown past, and we are on the cusp of jumping into a wonderful new year that holds all kinds of promise for us all!

I have created a special N-hanced EFT TAPshop recording for you to cleanse any old “stuff” from the old year so that you can enter your new year with a clean slate! This includes advanced Emotional Freedom Technique tapping with energy therapy support that is sure to amp up your vibration!

You may use this tapping sequence over and over because each day is a new beginning of a new year.

Download or listen to the recording by going to the following link:


I hope you enjoy this and that it helps you to create the New Year of your greatest desires!

My intention in 2012 is (1) to share many more energy therapy tapping sequences, more EFT instruction, support more coaches, therapists, and doctors in their energy psychology skills, and (2) to learn more in my own naturopathic studies so that I can share information about nutrition, pH balance, homeopathy, and so much more to help you to stay healthy, happy, and in balance with your world!

Happy New Year!  🙂


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