EFT or Tapping World Summit – Report on Days 5, 6, 7

As the EFT Tapping World Summit comes close to an end I am still scrambling to make time for all of the calls. This has been a full and energetic week of quality presentations, and I found speakers on Days 5, 6, and 7 to be exceptionally good.

Carol Look, Rue Hass, and Brad Yates are all seasoned EFT practitioners and teachers, and their presentations showed that. They easily spoke about their respective topics – Being Congruent in Your Life, Appreciating Being Sensitive, and Loving Yourself. They provided key issues related to each of these topics and numerous case studies of people who presented with blockages in these areas. Each provided valuable hands-on tapping applications and all expressed their confidence in EFT and its deep work clearing the issues about which they spoke.

I’ve known two of these presenters – Carol Look and Brad Yates, and their work from my own past studies, and they both stepped up in fine fashion to do a very good job for their EFT World Summit presentations. Rue Hass I met for the first time and am very impressed with what she does with ultra sensitive people. I could personally relate to everything she said, and got great benefit from listening to her presentation.

The three topics from these three days were all inter-related in some ways. They all contained aspects of self love, self worth, the importance of focusing on oneself before others, trying too hard to be perfect, among other related issues. I feel that if you only got to hear Carol and Rue’s topics, and then maybe Brad’s for an extra bonus, that you would be able to change your life for the better. Sometimes it is these basic self love and respect issues that underly all other issues in one’s life. And, with just a little focus on a few issues so many other emotional aspects can be cleared! Rue’s guidance on how to reframe one’s perspective and thinking in order to appreciate one’s sensitivity rather than resenting it can be applied in many areas of life – with many issues.

After listening to Carol and Rue I am convinced that those two presentations alone are well worth the cost of the platinum hard-copy CD package of EFT World Summit presentations for my future sharing and listening enjoyment. If you have missed this EFT World Summit experience it is not too late to enjoy the benefits of the quality presentations. You can purchase your own copies either by digital down-load or in hard-copy CD’s by going to:  http://is.gd/tmGR .

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