EFT, NET, MTT – What’s the Difference?

I am often asked about the energy psychology modalities that I utilize, among them EFT, NET, and other MTT’s. What language am I speaking?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, developed by Gary Craig as a specialized and simple-to-use yet profound modality based on previous works of Dr. John Diamond – a medical doctor and energy researcher; Dr. George Goodheart – a chiropractor and father of the field of Kinesiology; and Dr. Roger Callahan – a clinical psychologist. The work of these men revealed that emotional charge is stored in the body’s energy system. When the energy system is cleared or balanced, the symptoms of this emotional charge disappears – usually permanently!

NET, or Neuro Emotional Technique was developed by Dr. Scott Walker, a skilled chiropractor who is well-versed in the meridian system and in applied kinesiology. NET is a sophisticated diagnostic and energy treatment tool that is facilitated by doctors world-wide to treat the emotional causes of physical, mental, emotional pain. This tool is best utilized one-on-one in person, although it can also be coupled with EFT for phone consultations.

MTT stands for the field of many Meridian Tapping Techniques that include EFT and NET, among others.

I have had such great success using both EFT and NET that I’ve tailored them into a profound technique that I call N- EFT or Neuro Emotional Technique, that allows one tapping session to go very deeply into accessing underlying emotions and energetics and clear multiple aspects of a single issue.

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