EFT = Communicating with Energy using Intuition

Using Meridian Tapping Techniques is all about communication! You may not realize how susceptible your subconscious right brain is to subtle suggestions. And, when you know how to directly “hotwire” the system with MTT, you not only get the attention of the subconscious, but then you can consciously pour in intentions, suggestions, information, as well as coax out the fears, doubts, negative old patterns that have created limits and habits over the years.


If I were creating the most potent medical model today for our society I would put Energy Therapy including meridian tapping techniques like EFT right at the top. In so many instances just communicating with the brain, subconscious, right hemisphere, little protective “inner child” could allow people to heal or move toward health without using drugs, without invasive procedures, without needing to really become ill in the form of disease. And, MTT’s have wonderful results working with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) which has been experienced by so many veterans of all wars, survivors of natural and political disasters, and abuse victims.


With MTT and EFT as tools all types of physicians would be able to make their jobs easier, results better and faster, patients well and empowered, and the society and economic situation would benefit greatly.


In using EFT and other MTT’s, as in all energy therapy modalities, once you learn the protocol and become comfortable performing the process and seeing results, the easier it is to allow intuition to take over and guide you in the procedure. As a Reiki Master and hands-on healer I was used to being “guided” to where to place my hands and when to do so. I learned to follow the inner guidance and my patients were always good at reflecting back to me that wherever I had been guided to go was, in fact, exactly where I needed to be.


When I started using Neuro Emotional Technique (N.E.T.) as a practitioner for others I followed the strict protocol at first, and that incorporates Kinesiology through muscle-testing as part of the process. As one gets more proficient in muscle-testing procedures, whether it is by using the patient’s arm or leg, the practitioner’s own fingers, or a device like a pendulum, soon it is the inner “feeling” or guidance that gives the answers rather than the technique itself, so here again is the use of intuition as a practitioner of N.E.T.


EFT is such a smooth and easy protocol, and it very easily lends itself to intuition to allow the practitioner, whether self or other, to “feel” when an issue is being discharged. When I am creating a set-up statement around a potent condition or issue I play with words and phrases until I get the inside feeling that I want. I know immediately when I’ve hit the nail on the head and found the exact aspect of the issue that is up for clearing. When I’ve honed the focus that much, tapping on each point gives me the same energetic sense of satisfaction and comfort that scratching an itch or massaging a sore spot provides. It is so nurturing on an energetic level, and I know undeniably that the work I am doing at that point is profound and will be life-changing.


Usually I not only feel these deep feelings when I’m working on myself, but since I’ve been a facilitator/ practitioner for so many years, I can usually pick up on the subtleties of energy shifts in my clients, and even sometimes identify their exact issues as waves of feeling pass through me while I’m holding the energetic “chalice” for the work.


Intuition plays a big part of using MTT’s, and yet, that sounds scary, esoteric, impossible to some people. No problem. To utilize EFT you only need to follow the protocol to enable it to create results. And, I always tell skeptics that 1- they don’t need to believe in it for the positive results to occur, and 2- it cannot hurt them – it will only help in some way. So, it is a win-win, no-lose proposition whether the person is tuned into their intuition or not!


The entire concept of accessing meridians is all about energy. The meridian system is the energetic “wiring system” for the electro-magnetic field around the physical body. For thousands of years specific points on the body where meridians connect or begin/end have been accessed in acupuncture, acupressure, massage, all kinds of bodywork modalities.

I first learned of the power of accessing meridians in an advanced Touch for Health training seminar offered by Dr. Sheldon Deal, who is a wizard extraordinaire, among other things. He showed us how to input and clear suggestions by tapping in a certain way on the skull over each ear. It was such a profound and eye-opening experience for me to learn that it was that easy to input or remove emotion, pain, subtle psychological suggestions, etc. That was one of my first experiences with energy therapy, and from then on I was hungry to learn more!


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