EFT Coaching Case – Working with PTSD

Victims of trauma are very sensitive, fragile, and fearful of getting too close to remembering the pain of their trauma. When the perceived choices are avoidance or death by emotional upheaval, most trauma victims choose avoidance.

Even though these people wish to release the emotional trauma and charge that they are suffering, they are usually so afraid of having to re-live the pain, that they totally stay away from the issue. Logically they realize that it must be dealt with in some way, but emotionally they stay away. And, their own inner protection mechanism, their right brain, will over-ride any rational left-brain reasoning whenever they tread close to the traumatic event.

When Gary Craig and others like him approach a trauma victim or one suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the emotional comfort of the client is of primary importance. Since with Energy Therapy modalities there is no need to really talk about all of the details of the experience, nor is there a requirement to re-live the trauma, there are many “safe” ways to apply EFT and other tapping techniques to relieve the emotional charge from the original episode so that eventually the memory of the event will hold no more disrupting emotional charge for the client. Nightmares, emotional outbursts, insomnia, and other symptoms of PTSD will go away as this emotional charge is diminished and neutralized.

If this topic interests you, then you may wish to visit Gary Craig’s website at http://www.emofree.com to see his free videos where he works with war veterans suffering from PTSD.

Just today I urged the wife of a Vietnam veteran to visit the site, and then to share it with her husband. For twenty years he has only talked with his VA psychiatrists periodically about some of the traumatic events he witnessed. It is my hope that he will see the video, learn a little about the EFT process and how it can help without being painful, and then let me help him get beyond the pain that he has been suffering since he came home from the Vietnam war. There are so many people out there like him, and will be so many more as veterans return from the Middle East.

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