EFT Coaching Case – Extra Added Benefits

There are often cases when using Energy Therapies, where a person is focusing on one issue and then other added benefits show up later. You just don’t know how the  issues and emotional aspects are layered in your energy system. So even though you may not consciously think you have an issue in one area, you might find out later that by tapping on that issue anyway, say in a group EFT TAPshop setting around a general shared topic, you might benefit in very dramatic ways.

I’ve heard other practitioners tell their clients to be sure to tap along at any opportunity, because one never knows what will get dissolved in doing so. In our weekly EFT TAPshops I usually choose a rather universal and pertinent issue, and even though some of the participants might not think at first that they have any charge on that issue, in tapping along with the others they always have an energetic breakthrough of some kind.

Also, I’ve notice that when you tap on an issue, that often frees up an energy circuit that is attached to other aspects of life, and might clear other emotional issues as it is being dissolved. Here are some examples:

  • Some regular practitioners of EFT report that the more they use EFT on various issues the better they feel physically. And, some even report improved eye-sight without ever tapping on their sight in particular.
  • In one case a person focused on releasing some on-stage performance anxiety and the result was that her writer’s block also cleared in another area of her life.
  • Often people focusing on de-cluttering their lives also encounter weight loss as a result. When they clear the extra layers of heavy energy in their environment they can then shed the extra layers of heavy physical matter around their waist-lines.
  • People that use EFT and other tools like that on a daily basis report a general improved sense of well-being, more insightful flashes of inspiration, better general physical health, and they often start seeing synchronicities happening around them that support their life to improve in various ways.

I like to use the analogy of the onion and peeling away layers when I talk about applying EFT and other Energy Therapies. You don’t always know what issues the outer layer will include, but when that outer layer is up to be peeled away, then with it will go all of the issues and emotional blockages included in that layer. Whatever clearing you do will benefit you in various and surprising ways… and then will introduce you to the next layer to work on! ;-))

If you are looking for a venue to keep you practicing EFT and Energy Therapies on a weekly basis, I invite you to look into our weekly EFT TAPshops. The group energy will amp up the benefits to you, and just having a group to tap with will keep you motivated! Learn more by going to: https://arielagroup.com/tapshops

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