Doing the Work… Creating Miracles with N- EFT!


I am so grateful to have manifested wonderful clients who are willing to create the miracles in their lives!

As an energy psychologist and successful life coach I am a guide and facilitator. I share meridian based energy therapy tools including N- EFT, and wave my magic wand so that the alchemical process may begin. I hold my clients in a sacred chalice energetically and check in with them regularly. They must do the daily work, and they do!

One client was in a state of trauma when she came to me for a single session. In just that one session we cleared co-dependence, fear of being out of control, deep insecurities, and the causes of her bulimia of years before. She has created a positive daily habit of conscious meridian tapping with EFT since our session and sends me weekly reports on her progress. She is making remarkable leaps forward in her life and getting to be a skilled EFT tapper!

Another client came to me for just six sessions to clear money issues, several serious physical complaints, and his seeming lack of positive movement in his life. After we cleared several layers of childhood abuse the contracts started rolling in and one physical issue cleared up. After several more sessions he had set up vision boards around his office, daily tapping protocols, and was re-listening to the tapping tapes from our sessions. He definitely was doing the work, and at the end of three months another major physical ailment cleared up to the point where the pain is controllable and sometimes gone completely, which many practitioners said would never happen. He definitely has done the work to create the miracles in his life, and he continues to do this daily!

Another client was so weak with auto-immune toxicity when we first met that she was barely able to walk from her bed to her kitchen in her little apartment. In three months she now is out facilitating meetings, walking in the park, driving to destinations hours away, attending festive gatherings, and being less susceptible to toxins in the environment. She is re-claiming her body after a toxic event thirteen years ago, and reclaiming her life for the first time in 60+ years. We cleared many levels of abuse and self-criticism before she could allow herself to start to re-claim her health. She is doing her work and will soon be living a totally different life from anything she might have ever imagined!

I love these people and their strong intention and drive to get better! Sometimes the inner work is almost harder than the outer work, however with the meridian based energy therapy tools that I use and teach to my clients the pain is merely an energetic charge that is easily cleared, and the N- EFT tools can be used for the rest of their lives. This work is so fulfilling! I love seeing my clients’ successes and sharing in the joy of their new lives!

Hooray for conscious transformation!

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