Coaching Benefits with Energy Therapies like EFT

Sometimes as coaches we have personal fears and doubts about various aspects of our coaching. For example, some coaches have never experienced presenting a group coaching program or tele-class before. That can be very, very stressful, especially when the recording mechanism doesn’t work or the call center completely shuts down at the moment you are supposed to have the participants calling in, among other frustrations. Using an energy therapy technique like EFT does help discharge some of the emotional frustration, fear, upset that can come up when you least expect it.


Often when coaches have their own personal issues come up, they may include personal insecurities about being a coach or just certain feelings of being inadequate. In using EFT you can choose an issue that you have charge around or an issue that is up. In the middle of that emotional charge you may find yourself thinking, “I need a tool because I sure don’t want to deal with this, or I do want to deal with it but I don’t want to feel it. I don’t want to have to prolong the anxiety or the emotional surge that I am having.” Energy therapy techniques including EFT fill the need here very well.


There are many practitioners out there selling interesting items, videos, training programs, around EFT. In fact, I am going to be initiating my own EFT training program for coaches on August 13. I think I am qualified, having written coach manuals and done my own coach training for years, plus being a seasoned EFT and N.E.T. facilitator.


EFT is the tool that absolutely helps you to be a better coach for your clients if you have some clients who are stuck and really want to go forward consciously or if you want to do something but your own subconscious holds you back.


A lot of coaches probably know of clients that have been so focused on their intention and yet they kept running into a wall. I would say 15 minutes of EFT that you facilitate would break down that wall for them so that they could go forward and they would be amazed. It would be so easy for them, so that’s why I say this is such a wonderful, vital tool for coaches.


Many people have frustrations with social networking. I was a marketing consultant for many years and even taught marketing classes at the MBA level. Just a couple of years ago I collaborated with another coach on a training manual for coaches where the information about marketing did not mention social networking at all. The book was published before social networking had hit. Now there seems to be more involved in typical marketing of a simple coaching practice than ever before, and this is bound to cause frustration for some people. In a recent tele-call for coaches I focused an EFT TAPshop session on the concept of not having enough time in the day for doing social networking in addition to everything else on the to-do list. The call was popular and we used EFT to clear frustration, anger, impatience, resentment, and other emotions that came up around the issue of adding more to our over-wrought calendars.


Another issue that some coaches come up with is the sense of murkiness or just confusion about the coaching program they wish to launch and who will be the exact target audience. That murkiness and confusion can deter a coach so that the laws of attraction don’t work for them. This is true because they have no clear vision of where they want to go, so they spin in circles and never reach their highest intended goals.


There is definitely a correlation here. If you want the Law of Attraction to work for you, then using energy therapies like EFT is wonderful. When I say energy therapies, I am talking about Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro Emotional Technique, or any of the various meridian-tapping techniques that are out there. I think EFT is very easy to learn, is painless, is quick, and you don’t have to have a lot of the background that I have as a trained facilitator of N.E.T. in order to apply EFT to your issues. That is really good for clearing out the fog in the mind.


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