Clearing “Life After Death” Trauma with N- EFT

This weekend on NPR Radio I was reminded of several client cases I’ve worked with over the years that dealt with clearing deep trauma that resulted from being involved in the death of another.

The NPR program This American Life shared several stories related to this topic in their show “Life After Death”, and as I listened to the sad stories of trauma, pain, guilt, panic, terror, etc. I thought of how sad it is that the people interviewed for the show did not know about the meridian tapping modalities such as EFT that could effectively change their lives for the better. [ You may learn more about this NPR program by going here .]

While listening I was reminded of cases such as the following where my facilitation of N- EFT has helped people to clear their trauma and reclaim their lives:

  • Vietnam vet who felt remorse about multiple killings he’d performed in his duty,
  • Security professional sent to Iraq during early war suffering PTSD and extremely agitated behavior with others upon return,
  • Woman who shot and accidentally killed her husband in self defense,
  • Women who have chosen abortion and later felt guilt or remorse,
  • Physician who lost a patient and felt deep guilt and disempowerment as a result,
  • Young woman who accidently hit and killed a child riding a bicycle in her neighborhood,
  • Among other cases…

Especially in our western culture, death is traumatic, and this is extremely true in cases where a person causes or is perceived to cause the death. The inner criticism and outer judgement, plus aftershock emotions and behaviors can break a person, as well as his or her family.

It is my personal belief that NOBODY needs to suffer, and in the case of a death already, why not provide a means for all of those remaining to let go of their pain so that they can truly continue to live while they have the chance.

It is in extreme cases such as these that I appreciate using N- EFT/ Neuro- Emotional Freedom Technique even more! The results are often miraculous!

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